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The History Connection

About Us

The History Connection was founded by Steve Waldrop, a graduate of West Point and a successful entrepreneur.  His love of history, writing, and storytelling led him to develop a method for using the latest in media technology to create historical documentaries that could be presented in the best manner possible, both visually and audibly.

The company was born out of his many years of service in key managerial positions with some of America’s largest companies, to include Polaroid, Continental Airlines, Prime Computer and Transco Energy, where he was involved with corporate communications, training and audio visual/media services.

This unique combination of art, history, technology, and storytelling has become the guiding focus of The History Connection, where stories and memories are brought to life and are preserved for future generations.

Give us a call at 361-676-7530 to discuss your documentary interests.

We will be happy to answer your questions or provide any additional information.

The History Connection


A Veteran Owned Small Business
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