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Exhibit Content  Media 

We produce audio visual media content for exhibit kiosks or interactive computer systems. 

We also work with organizations in purchasing and setting up physical exhibit kiosks. These types of exhibits provide much more current, enjoyable, and entertaining information than having to read text on cards and/or posters to understand the information trying to be presented.

For more information about our exhibit media content services please give us a call at 361-676-7530.

Above is an example of how many museums use written materials to explain an exhibit to visitors. In this example a large poster board is used to explain to visitors the history of the iron lung and how it operates.

Below is the same exhibit using a kiosk to inform visitors about the the history and how the iron lung works. Click on the white arrow to play a video about how an iron lung operates. Organizations using video in their exhibit hardware are using modern technology in a way that better educates, entertains and informs their customers about their exhibits, products, and services in a time saving manner. 

Most people see the significant differences right away. 

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