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Exhibit Media Content

We produce media rich content for people to view on exhibit displays. These presentations can be for any subject matter and for both profit or non-profit organizations. Our dispays are excellent for museum exhibits, car dealershps, retail stores, and many other type applications.

We work with organizations in purchasing and setting up exhibit displays. These type exhibits provide much more current, enjoyable, and entertaining information than having to read text on cards and/or posters to understand the information trying to be presented.

For more information about our content for exhibit displays please give us a call at 361-676-7530.

We are currently working with the Pharmacy and Medical Museum of Texas to add exhibit media displays throughout their museum. The first image below shows their Polio and Iron Lung exhibit as it is today and is a typical exhibit setup found in many museums. Visitors must either read the large poster shown here and/or the museum must have a docent present to explain the Iron Lung and answer questions that visitors might have about the history of Polio. 

The second image below does away with the large poster and the need for a docent. The visitor simply touches the display screen and audio/visual information about the Iron Lung is shown. 

To view the display in this image simply click on the display screen to view a short presentation on the Iron Lung. We have increased the audio sound level for this demonstration but in a museum environment the audio levels would be much lower. 

We wish to thank Cassie Nespor, curator of the Melnick Medical Museum at Youngstown State University, for the use of the Iron Lung video shown in the exhibit above. 

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